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    High-frequency PCB Strategic Partner
    With our solid and growing technical and professional manufacturing capabilities, we continue to deliver one step total solutions to customers. While continuously optimizing manufacturing performances, higher product reliability and cost competitiveness, our vision had been focusing on customer satisfaction and latest technology trends.
    Development in parallel to the market trend
    Understanding that the latest market demand will shift to the high frequency and high speed product. We have set our core competence on the HF & UHF (High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency) market. Ever Higher product reliability and on-time customer support is the fundamental on our strategy. With solid and merging professional experience and technical capabilities, we will further grow our footprint in the high reliability PCB supply chain & market.
    Competitive technical and professional manufacturing capabilities
    Proactively taking corporate social responsibility is essential, of which, it will lead higher self satisfaction not only to employee but also to their family.


    Corporate Lifestyle
    We believe that the first priority of corporate governance is to care for every employee. We regard employees as family members, give them equal care and development opportunities. We encourage employees to exchange ideas and support each other, and promote the growth of employees and businesses. We understand that higher employees’ commitment deliver better performance results, and it all comes from corporate careness and supports.
    Market Coverage
    Power Control
    Industrial control
    Product Display
    Over the years, we have been focusing on the PCB industrial technical development and trends. We provide customers highly reliable product and service supports.
    We not only provide highly reliable PCB, but the manufacturer behind the branded company.
    Please browse our product line.
    Refined one-stop customer services and technical supports
    Market Distribution

    With years of technical knowhow, we have won the trust and support of many customers that demands high-quality product and on-time services. Our products distributed to many countries and regions. We also set up branches within China, so that we can be at the customers’ fingertips when in needs.